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Specialist in JLPT preparation

Catering to all levels from absolute beginner to advanced


・Born in Tokyo, lives in CA, native Japanese speaker

・15+ years of teaching experience in Japan and the US

・Taught over 1000 students

・Tailored teaching skills for all students based on extensive experience

・JLPT Teaching Specialist N5-N1 level

・Served as academic director at US-Japanese school

・Japanese pronunciation coaching

Lesson Content


  • Supports all levels from N5 to N1
  • Offers curricula tailored to each student
  • Uses both commercial textbooks and original materials
  • Supports self-study (homework, etc.)
  • Provides tips for passing the exam


Japanese Standard Course

  • A course centered on basic Japanese grammar instruction
  • Suitable for all levels from absolute beginner to advanced
  • Proposes curricula tailored to students
  • Engaging lessons using diverse materials
  • Supports self-study (homework, etc.)
  • Pronunciation instruction


Japanese Tailored Course

  • A course designed according to the student’s desired objectives and goals
  • Accommodates all levels from absolute beginner to advanced
  • Offers customized curricula for students


– Specialized classes focusing on the four skills: reading, writing, conversation, listening

– Classes using topics of interest like anime, manga, drama, history

– Classes for communicating with Japanese people

– Japanese pronunciation coaching classes

– Focused courses on particles (for beginners and above)    and so on


Message from Tutor

Drawing from extensive experience, I will propose the best curriculum for you!


Do you want to improve your Japanese?
Want to know more about Japan?
Or want to pass the JLPT?

I support your love of Japan!

If you want to study, but don’t know how to do it or find it difficult to improve your skills, try my trial lesson.
I am sure that with my extensive experience, I will be able to suggest a curriculum that suits you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
I look forward to meeting you! 

Price List – Noriko
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Trial Lesson $5 25 mins $5 2 weeks
1 Lesson $66 50 mins $66 1 month
5 Lessons $314 5% 50 mins $62.8 2 months
10 Lessons $594 10% 50 mins $59.4 3 months
20 Lessons $1122 15% 50 mins $56.1 6 months
30 Lessons $1584 20% 50 mins $52.8 9 months
40 Lessons $1980 25% 50 mins $49.5 12 months

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Trial Lesson

Recent reviews

Excellent, fun and caring teacher, great for any levels

Noriko sensei is a very experienced teacher. I have taken general courses, JLPT courses, as well as customized courses from her. She is excellent at explaining grammar structures, helping her students understand nuances of the language (absolute plus when it gets more advanced), and adjusting her style, course content, or speed based on the student’s needs. She also has a good sense of humor and finds creative ways to structure the classes to cater to each student, which makes the learning process extra enjoyable. I’ve been taking classes with Noriko sensei for years and am taking more even after I passed N1 with all her help. Highly recommend, no matter what level you’re at!


Excellent teacher

Noriko sensei teaches grammar very well. I really appreciate that no matter what questions I ask in class, she always answers them carefully and makes everything very clear. I highly recommend her lesson!!!



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