Company Information

Enuncia Management Philosophy

  • We do not “teach others” but “learn with others”.
  • We value EN – special relationships.
  • We aim to break down all language barriers.
  • We take responsibility as a member of the global community.
  • En(縁): in Buddhism, “two or more things coming together and relating to each other”.
  • En(円): Rounded, with no missing parts. Sufficient without excess.
  • Enunciate: English word meaning ‘to pronounce clearly’ or ‘to state an idea clearly’.


“Engi” is an abbreviation for ‘Innen-Shoki’ – ’cause and effect’.

This is a Buddhist concept that things have a cause,

which is then affected by En (connection), resulting in something happening.

The word ‘En’ – karma’ is born from this teaching of engi.


At the root of the word is the idea that our lives themselves are made up of countless numbers of events that are connected and related to each other.


Students and teachers, students and each other, countries and countries, people and languages.


We wish to be a platform where people can connect with each other and expand their worlds.

We appreciate and cherish the ‘En – ‘connections’ we have made.


– This is why we named the platform ‘Enuncia’.


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Enuncia Co., Ltd.

Founder CEO Hana Hamilton


Born in Kyoto, Japan. Bilingual in Japanese and English.

Worked as an interpreter specialising in overseas VIPs in the PR department of a major Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer.


Later she gained experience as a sales assistant / consultant at a foreign recruitment agency

before setting up her own business.


As an online Japanese teacher, Hana has taught more than 5,000 lessons to a total of 300 students worldwide, utilising strengths as a bilingual native Japanese speaker.


Hana specialises in teaching advanced business-level Japanese, mainly to foreigners who wish to work in Japan and people working for local Japanese companies.

Business Description

  • Online Lessons
  • Online Community
  • Video Streaming Service
  • Employment Support
  • Providing Educational Materials