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For those who want to build a new career in Japan
For those who feel anxious about interviews in Japanese
For those interested in Japanese visas and labor laws


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Interview Preparation
For those who want to prepare for Japanese job interviews
1. Creating CVs
There are rules for writing a CV in Japan, and it is necessary to follow them when writing one. You cannot proceed to an interview without passing the CV screening, so creating a CV is very important. We will support you in creating a good CV that can pass the screening.
2. Job Search
There are various job search methods, so we will advise you on how to find positions suitable for you. Among the job listings, there are companies with toxic working environments. We will investigate whether a company is a safe and comfortable place to work before you apply.
3. Interview Preparation
Once your resume passes the screening, it’s finally time for the interview, which is often the part most people worry about. In Japanese company interviews, the questions asked are usually predetermined. By practicing in advance, you can increase your chances of passing the interview.
Additionally, it’s not just about the interview; salary negotiation is also possible, and we will teach you the techniques.
Business Japanese
Acquire practical skills necessary for the business scene,
from the use of honorifics to unique Japanese business etiquette
We cover a wide range of honorifics, from the basics to advanced applications, including the differences between respectful language, humble language, and polite language, and support you until you can confidently use honorifics. Through actual conversation examples and role-playing, you will practically learn honorifics, making your communication in business settings smoother and more professional.

[Role-playing available for all items]:
– How to interact with clients
– Rules and etiquette within the company
– Basic rules of customer service
– How to greet others
– How to exchange business cards
– How to treat the visitors
– Etiquette when visiting clients
– Basics of business phone calls
– Basics of writing business email
– Presentation
– Seating etiquette
– Manners at drinking parties
– Handling complaints
Job offer examples for students
・Engineer at a Japanese semiconductor equipment manufacturer
・Marketer at a major Japanese telecommunications company
・Salesperson at a large foreign electronics component manufacturer
・Hotelier at a popular foreign hotel
・Designer at a major Japanese game company
・HR specialist at a large Chinese IT company
・Manager at a Japanese consulting firm
・Clerical worker at a well-known Japanese equipment manufacturer
・Salesperson at a large Japanese IT company
・Marketer at a major Japanese IT company
・Salesperson at a large Japanese IT company
・Clerical worker at a well-known semiconductor manufacturer
                          and more

Tutors experienced in career advice

will share their knowledge about

employment and visas in Japan.

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5 Lessons$3145%50 mins$62.82 months
10 Lessons$59410%50 mins$59.43 months
20 Lessons$112215%50 mins$56.16 months
30 Lessons$158420%50 mins$52.89 months
40 Lessons$198025%50 mins$49.512 months

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