Enuncia Privacy Policy

Enuncia (“the Company”) provides the online language learning service (“Service”) through our official website (https://enuncia.online) and applications under the brand “Enuncia”. This Privacy Policy shall apply to all the personal information we collect, process and utilization in your access and use of our Service.


If you are a minor, please read and understand this Privacy Policy with company of your legal representative or guardian before using the Services. By using the Company’s related services and providing your personal information, you and your legal representative or guardian shall be deemed as having read and given the consent to the Company for collection, processing, and use of personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


  1. How we collect your personal information

    You agree that the Company may collect your personal information provided by you when you register as a member and collect your records of activities on our website or application through website management tools.

  2. Information we collect

    1. The Company may use website analytics tools to collect information related to your browsing activities automatically on the website. However, if you have not registered as a member of our Service, the Company will not connect the records of your activities with personally identifiable information.
    2. The Company may collect the personal information you submitted willingly, including your name, gender, birthday, photo, nationality, region of residence, mobile phone number, email address, and social media account, in the registration process.
    3. During your use of our Service, the Company may collect information related to your need, time zone, language skills, course evaluations, course scheduling and communication with the teachers through our Service, customer service complaint records, surveys, friend recommendations, and relevant usage. With your approval, the Company may record the content of courses which you take individually for your future use.
    4. To ensure the course quality, optimize teaching effectiveness, and prevent potential disputes, the Company will provide you with an option for recording the course. You may download the course video for review after the course when both you and your teacher agree to the video recording and allow the download of the video.

  3. Our purposes and legal basis for the processing

    1. The purposes for which the Company collects your personal information you provide in the registration process or your interactions with our Service are as follows.
      1. To fulfill the e-commerce and language learning service contract with you, it is necessary to create and manage your personal files for the purposes of member identification, marketing, database management, customer and consumer services, and accounting operations.
      2. Personal information is collected to ensure the quality of the language learning service, provide prizes, gifts, or other benefits for your use of our Service, or provide you with better and more customized services.
      3. Personal information is collected, processed, and utilized for the purpose of operating businesses defined in the business registration or Articles of Incorporation or for the purpose of fulfilling legal obligations.
    2. The basis for the Company to process your personal information include (a) your informed consent to the processing of your personal information for one or more purposes we specified in this Privacy Policy, (b) performance of the duties required by the language learning service contract with you, (c) fulfillment of the legal obligation, such as keeping relevant invoice and accounting records for tax purpose, and (d) maintenance of the service quality and protection of the interest and benefits of other users of our Service, such as crime or fraud prevention and information security enhancement.

  4. Retention period and the region we use your personal information

    1. The Company will keep your personal information during the period when the specific purposes mentioned above exist. The Company may utilize your personal information within the territories where its business operates, including but not limited to Japan, the Company’s other service locations, and areas where our outsourced partners are located.
    2. You acknowledge and agree that the Company may process your personal information outside the territory of the EU and transfer your personal information to the region where there is a lack of adequate level of protection determined by the EU Commission for the necessity to perform the contract. Nevertheless, the Company will adopt appropriate measures to ensure your information security in accordance with the local laws and regulations.

  5. The recipients of your personal information

    The Company will not provide your personal information to any third party except with your prior consent or for information processing by partners commissioned by the Company for the performance of the contract. The types of recipients of your personal information are explained below:
    1. Partner commissioned by the Company to provide solutions for online customers, cloud platform, identity authentication, and payment services.
    2. The Company will provide the serial number and amount of your purchase order to the Company’s partner payment service provider to facilitate your use of their services to complete online payment. After you place an order, the web page will redirect you to the payment interface hosted by the payment service provider. Please note that all payment processes will be facilitated by the payment service provider, the Company does not collect your credit card or information relating to your payment method.
    3. The Company uses website management tools such as Google Analytics and provides your browsing records to such companies for analytics and website design improvements. For more information on how Google Analytics collects and processes your information, please refer to its description at https://policies.google.com/technologies/partner-sites. If you do not want to provide website browsing data to Google Analytics, you may install the Google Analytics browser add-on available here.

  6. Subject’s rights to access

    1. You have the following rights regarding your personal data to the Company:
      1. Right to make inquiry, review and obtain a copy of your personal information file;
      2. Right to request for supplement and rectification; however, if you would like to manage your personal profile, you may log in to our Service and modify your information in the Account Setting webpage;
      3. Right to request for suspending the collection, processing as well as utilization, and right to request for deletion.
      4. For the rights listed in this Section 6.1, please contact to our customer service.
    2. If you are in the territory of the EU during the period of using our Service, the company shall provide you the following rights in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR):
      1. Right to withdraw your consent to our processing at any time, without affecting the lawfulness of our processing based on your consent before the withdrawal;
      2. Right to the erasure of your personal information which is made public by the Company and the Company will proceed upon your request and then notify the recipients to delete the linkage to the said personal information if such deletion is reasonable as well as proportionate to the existing technology and execution cost;
      3. Right to data portability concerning the personal information which is carried out by automated means and collected by us according to your consent or the contract relationship;
    3. The Company may verify your identification and charge a reasonable fee, when you exercise the rights referred to this Policy, considering the administrative costs for processing your request.
    4. The Company could not finalize the registration procedure and then provide membership service to you if you refuse to submit the information required by our Service. The Company may not provide complete service according to your needs and thus may fail to maintain the service quality if you ask the Company to suspend collecting, processing, and utilizing your personal information disclosed through your use of our Service. The Company could not continue the Service and thus must terminate your membership accordingly if you request for deletion of all your personal files.

  7. Online Privacy Protection for Children

    Our Service is not intended for or target children under the age of 7. We do not knowingly collect any personal information from such Children, and if you are Children, please do not use our Service.

  8. Our use of Cookies

    Cookies are small data files stored on your hard drive or in device memory which is transmitted from this Website for us to communicate to and recognize your device. We use the Cookies to retrieve your browsing history efficiently, provide customized service and display the product or advertisements you might have an interest by keeping your browsing information. If you do not want to store the Cookies sent from our Website automatically, you may change the cookies setting in your browse tool options. Please note that if you choose to remove or disable the cookies, this could affect the availability and functionality of our Service.

  9. Personal Information Processed by Third Party

    1. Our Website and applications may contain linkages to other website, such as the personal website of the teacher, the payment interface provided by our payment service partner or the campaign website hosted by our partners. Please note that such websites are not within the application of this Privacy Policy. Please check the website’s privacy policy and assess the level of security when you leave our Website to visit another website.
    2. When you download the course video or receive files containing personal information of others through our Service, such personal information processing activities is controlled by you and beyond the scope of this Privacy Policy. Please note that you may incur liability and duties imposed by the applicable personal information protection regulations if your process is beyond the purposes of personal or household activities.

  10. Miscellaneous

    1. The Company may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time according to our business demands and the changes of regulations. Your continuation of using our Service after receiving our notice on the amendment of this Privacy Policy will be deemed as the acceptance and consent to the amended version.
    2. When collecting, controlling, holding, processing, transferring or otherwise using your personal data, the Company may subject to the laws, rules or requirements at the jurisdictions that the Company locates. Under the circumstances, in case of any conflict or discrepancy between the provisions set out in this Privacy Policy and the applicable laws of other jurisdictions, the ones which impose more stringent requirements and conditions shall prevail.


Supplementary Statement on Privacy Policy for Tutor Member


Regarding how we collect, process and utilize the personal data involved when you become a Tutor Member of the Service, please refer to this Supplementary Statement on Privacy Policy (“Supplementary Statement”). Any matters which are not mentioned or specified in this Supplementary Statement shall apply to our Privacy Policy.

  1. Contents and Purpose of the Company’s process of your personal data

    In order to provide you with the online language learning service (“the Service”), the Company needs to collect the information related to your educational background, qualifications, resume, work experience, photo, license and certificate, self-introduction video, demonstration video, and other reference helpful for you to solicit students provided by you willingly.

  2. How we utilize your personal information

    1. The Company will compile and display your personal information and ratings awarded by the students to you into your profile, for users to search and review through our Website.
    2. The Company will display your profile (including but not limited to your photos, video, and literal introduction, etc.) on the Facebook and INSTAGRAM channels managed by the Company and serve advertisements to our fans or followers for the purpose of marketing.
    3. The Company may commission the advertiser, such as Google, to place your profile (including but not limited to your photos, video, and literal introduction, etc.) on the designated advertising page of the partner websites available to the users for the purpose of marketing.
    4. If you have any opinion or suggestion to the way we process your personal information, please contact us through our customer service chat box of the Website or email us.

The Company may amend this Supplementary Statement from time to time according to our business demands and the changes of regulations. Your continuation of using our Service after receiving our notice on the amendment of this Supplementary Statement will be deemed as the acceptance and consent to the amended version.