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Enuncia provides a comprehensive one-stop service offering support from passing the JLPT, employment support,

improving business Japanese proficiency, and acquiring the Japanese language skills necessary for living in Japan.

1. About Lessons


Experienced tutors providing various lessons


Fully Booked Online Lessons

[Trial Lessons]

Experience online classes with each tutor at an affordable price
[Group Lessons]

Conduct online classes tailored to themes with groups of up to 10 participants
[Private Lessons]

Conduct personalized online classes with each tutor for optimal learning


From obtaining JLPT certification

to find employment in Japanese companies,

we also provide support for living in Japan.

Free Learning Materials


We provide free learning materials for self-study every day.

This includes answering questions from learners in a blog,

quizzes tailored to each level,

columns about Japanese culture,

daily newsletters, and other valuable information delivered daily.



To enable learning Japanese anytime, anywhere,

we have published e-books on Kindle.

Each sentence is accompanied by

furigana (phonetic guide)and English translations,

with a design that caters to learners.

2. Lesson Contents


Specialized JLPT tutors fully support all levels from N5 – N1 until you pass the exam.

Intensive courses are also available in group lessons!


From creating your resume to interview preparation, and even salary negotiation after receiving a job offer, specialized tutors provide full support!


We teach proper use of honorific language, prepare you for BJT,

and guide Japanese business etiquette!


Make your life in Japan even better!

We cover a wide range of topics including culture and etiquette,

not just Japanese language.

Specialized tutors support your child’s Japanese language learning as well.

3. Lesson Fees

Free Consultation


Consultation is free  of charge.

By filling out the below form, you can receive an email informing you

of recommended learning methods and tutors.

Trial Lesson


Experience a trial lesson with any tutor for $5 (25 minutes)!

Try out different tutors to find the one that suits you best.

*You can make reservations from each tutor’s page.

Group Lessons


We offer a wide range of courses,

including courses for beginners, JLPT,

Business Japanese, and employment support

available at affordable prices!

Private Lessons


Our tutors will prepare a special curriculum

tailored to your abilities and preferences.

For information about each tutor, please refer to their profiles.


4. Experienced Tutors

Experienced tutors will provide lessons tailored to the needs of learners.
You can contact the tutor or make a reservation from each tutor’s page.
We offer trial lessons with all tutors for $5 / 25 minutes, so please try them out first.

You can book a trial lesson from the calendar

Hana – Profile Photo(w)
Tutor Hana

Professional in supporting employment in Japan

・300+ students,  6000+ lessons conducted

・Native Japanese speaker from Kyoto

・Bilingual in Japanese and English

・Former career consultant / VIP interpreter

・Specialized in employment support

・Expert in interview preparation


Trial Lesson
$5 / 25 minutes
Private Lesson
From $49.5 / 50 minutes

You can book a trial lesson from the calendar

Hiro – Profile Photo(w)
Tutor Hiro

Build Solid basics in Japanese

・Native Japanese speaker 
・Taught Japanese for 4 years in Australia

・9 years of teaching experience

・Taught a total of 500 students
・Developed Japanese teaching materials
・Specialized in lessons for 0 beginners
・Experience in Japanese lessons for children

Trial Lesson
$5 / 25 minutes
Private Lesson
From $24.75 / 50 minutes

You can book a trial lesson from the calendar

Kaoru – Profile Photo 2
Tutor Kaoru

Specialist Japanese Teacher for JLPT

・Native Japanese speaker

・95% pass rate for JLPT support

・100% repeat rate

・Specializes in grammar instruction

・Teaches Japanese at local language schools

・Teaches Japanese manners, rules, and culture

・Explains difficult Japanese in simple terms

Trial Lesson
$5 / 25 minutes
Private Lesson
From $33 / 50 minutes

You can book a trial lesson from the calendar

Ken – Profile Photo 2
Tutor Ken

Expert  in Employment Support

Native Japanese, business-level English

・3 years of work experience in Australia

・Former career consultant

・Expert in foreign talent employment support

・Supported 3000+ job seekers

・Many successful interviews at top companies

・Practical business Japanese classes

Trial Lesson
$5 / 25 minutes
Private Lesson
From $49.5 / 50 minutes

You can book a trial lesson from the calendar

Megumi – Profile photo
Tutor Megumi

Dynamic Lessons for All Levels

・Native Japanese speaker

・Proficient in Chinese and English

・Lessons available in Mandarin Chinese

・Specialising in preparation for the JLPT

・Teaching 300+ students at a university in Taiwan

・Over 13 years of teaching experience

・Taught at various Japanese educational institutions in Taiwan

Trial Lesson
$5 / 25 minutes
Private Lesson
From $33 / 50 minutes

You can book a trial lesson from the calendar

Noriko ー Profile photo 2
Tutor Noriko

Specialist in JLPT preparation

Catering to all levels from absolute beginner to advanced

・Born in Tokyo, lives in CA, native Japanese speaker

・15+ years of teaching experience in Japan and the US

・Taught over 1000 students

・JLPT Teaching Specialist N5-N1 level

・Served as academic director at US-Japanese school

・Japanese pronunciation coaching

Trial Lesson
$5 / 25 minutes
Private Lesson
From $49.5 / 50 minutes

5. How to Book Lessons

How to Book a Trial Lesson

  1. Choose a tutor that suits your needs
  2. Select a date and time from the tutor’s calendar
  3. Purchase a ticket for the trial lesson
  4. On lesson day, access the Zoom link in the notification email
  5. If satisfied with the trial, purchase regular lessons

*Private lessons can be booked using the same method

*For group lessons, please book from this calendar

6. Others

We welcome any questions about lessons, fees, or tutors.

Feel free to share any concerns or difficulties you may have.

*We handle personal information with the utmost care.


Please send us a message from the FAQ page.