Japanese for Children

With globalization, children with

diverse backgrounds are increasing,

and parental expectations are becoming more varied.


At Enuncia, we tailor special curricula

for each child and provide private lessons

to support children’s needs.


We believe Japanese language acquisition 

not only facilitates communication

but also expands opportunities for

understanding Japanese culture

and future academic and career choices.


Enuncia supports children

living in the international community.

Do you have any of these concerns?

✔︎ Want your child to learn Japanese
✔︎ Unsure where to start because your child is studying Japanese for the first time
✔︎ Your child needs to learn a language other than your native language and English
✔︎ Your child is living in Japan but struggling to keep up with school studies
✔︎ Your child has Japanese roots but lacks opportunities to use Japanese while living abroad
✔︎ Your child needs support as a heritage Japanese language learner

✔︎ Your child is attending a Japanese supplementary school but needs help with homework and other tasks

At Enuncia, we nurture feelings of

“love for Japan,”

“love for the Japanese language,”

and the confidence to say

“I can speak Japanese.”

Japanese for Children (E)
Reviews from Parents

We live overseas and my child attends local schools.

Since she doesn’t go to supplementary schools,

she rarely has the opportunity to speak Japanese.

However, the lessons provided a good opportunity,

and gradually, my child started speaking Japanese.

The teacher also values communication with parents,

which is reassuring. 

When I tried to teach Japanese at home,

I got frustrated, and it created a negative cycle

where my child disliked learning Japanese even more.

With Enuncia, my child enjoys lessons

and seems to have gained confidence!

As English is my children’s native language,

I’m concerned about my children not being able

to communicate well with our family in Japan.

I hope they can continue lessons and become able to speak with their grandparents and cousins in Japan.

My child enjoys lessons enthusiastically

as he loves Japanese anime and manga.

I hope he can acquire Japanese

not only as a third language

but also for their future academic prospects.

Online lessons are convenient

as there’s no need to bring my child to the class.

It’s also great to be able to monitor

the lessons at home and see the progress.

Since my child is only 7 years old,

I was worried about whether he could concentrate

for 50 minutes in front of a computer.

However, the teacher makes sure my child doesn’t get bored, so he is enjoying it a lot!

Enuncia’s Japanese tutors for children

are a team of highly experienced professionals!

If you have any questions or concerns,

please feel free to contact us

Feel free to write any questions you may have.
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