Japanese for Children

Along with globalization, the number of children with

various backgrounds is on the increase,

and the expectations of parents are diversifying.


At Enuncia, we provide personalized one-on-one lessons to each child,

catering to their individual needs.


We believe that learning Japanese is not only for smooth communication

but also for understanding Japanese culture

and expanding future academic and career opportunities.


We are committed to supporting children

living in an international and diverse society.

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Reviews from Parents

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My 9-year-old daughter loves Japanese anime and manga and expressed a keen interest in learning the language, so we decided to enroll in online lessons. Starting from absolute scratch, she learned the basics of Japanese characters, and I must say, her teacher has been incredibly patient and thorough in guiding her.

What sets these lessons apart is the teacher’s use of my daughter’s favorite anime to make the learning process enjoyable. She has a lot of fun during the sessions. 

As this is her third language, following English, I have high expectations that this will be beneficial for her future academic pursuits. Enrolling in these online lessons with the hope that it will contribute positively to her language skills and cultural understanding has been a great decision. We appreciate the efforts of the platform and the teacher in making this learning experience so enjoyable and effective. Highly recommend for any parent looking to engage their child in Japanese language learning!