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At Enuncia, we assist both foreign learners who wish to work in Japan and Japanese companies seeking international talent in preparing a fulfilling work environment.


For foreign learners, we offer a one-stop support service that covers everything from passing the JLPT, interview preparation, securing job offers, enhancing business Japanese skills, and mastering Japanese necessary for daily life in Japan.


For Japanese companies, we provide support from various angles, including understanding different cultures, knowledge necessary for accepting international talents, Japanese language education, and business etiquette training for foreign staff.


Unbound by nationality, gender, or race, we aim for a society where everyone can thrive, serving as a platform to support your challenges.

Are you facing these issues?

–  Struggling to pass the JLPT or BJT

–  Feeling vague anxiety about your future career

–  Studying Japanese but still lacking confidence

–  Studying vocabulary and grammar but not improving speaking skills

–  Finding it difficult to acquire business-level Japanese

–  Wanting to gain practical Japanese skills but don’t know how

–  Interested in living or working in Japan but hesitant to start

–  Stuck without access to the right learning materials

At Enuncia, we offer

3 types of learning support

tailored to your needs

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For those who want to build a new career in Japan
For those who feel anxious about interviews in Japanese
For those interested in Japanese visas and labor laws


At Enuncia, professional Japanese language tutors

specializing in career support

will fully support your challenges.

Top what-can 1 (E)

Learn efficiently and pass in the shortest possible time!

Top what-can 2 (E)

Get a job in Japan or in a Japanese company for a better career path!

Top what-can 3 (E)

Use the Japanese you learned with Enuncia for your business or career.

Top what-can 4 (E)

Embrace the adventure:

Let’s start a new life in Japan!

How the Lessons Work

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Find the best tutor for you by either:

1. Sending an application form


2. Booking a trial directly

Top – How to 2 (E)

Tell the tutor what kind of lessons you want at the trial, and have them create a course JUST FOR YOU!

*You can take 1 trial per tutor

Top – How to 3 (E)

After deciding which tutor you would like to take lessons with, buy a package and make a booking!

*Buy a package and get a discount!

Top – How to 4 (E)

Learn Japanese efficiently and effectively with the best tutor and your own learning programme!

We’re here to support you!

Student Review

Fun and personalized lessons with a great teacher & tutor!

Satomi-sensei is an excellent teacher and tutor: she really helped me keep motivated in my intermediate level journey towards JLPT N2 and kept it as fun as possible!

Satomi-sensei designs her courses to best adapt to her students with a large palette of study tips and methods – she even reviewed my self study methods and suggested me improvements to implement when preparing for her lessons. The best part for me is that she creates a safe space for the student to practice output, make mistakes and learn from them, which is a key feature in my humble opinion.

I would strongly recommend her lessons if you get stuck in your Japanese self studies or if you are looking for a Japanese teacher & tutor that takes the time and effort to understand you in order to help you improve and learn Japanese.


Flexible and Sucsessful!

As a busy professional, the flexibility offered by the Enuncia was a game-changer. I could schedule lessons at my convenience, and the tutor made it easy to access notes of previous sessions, review materials, and practice exercises. Highly recommended!


Personalised Lessons from a Professional Tutor

I have had a wonderful 10-lesson course with Kaoru Sensei focusing on travel conversation and cultural learning. Karou Sensei planned her lessons to my level of Japanese understanding and speaking ability and was always able to answer any questions I had during our lessons together. Her lessons were very fun and I look forward to having even more with her in the future!

I highly recommend Kaoru Sensei if you are seeking to improve your Japanese speaking ability and understanding of Japanese culture.


Please feel free to consult us with any issues you may have


A. Trial lessons are $5 for all teachers.

 Regular lesson prices vary from teacher to teacher, so please check each teacher's profile.

A. If you purchase a package of 5 or more lessons, you will automatically receive a discount from 5% up to 25%.

A. You can choose to pay by Stripe (credit card) or PayPal.

A. All lesson bookings must be paid for in advance, regardless of whether it is a trial lesson or a regular lesson.

A. Lessons can be booked up to 24 hours in advance for both trial and regular lessons.

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