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I majored in Japanese language in university, but after graduating, I didn’t have the opportunity to use Japanese in my daily life, and I ended up forgetting much of what I learned. So, with the spare time I gained during the pandemic, I decided to resume my Japanese studies.

At first, I felt discouraged because I had forgotten a lot, but as I studied with my teacher, I began to understand things that I hadn’t grasped during my university studies.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, I decided to challenge myself by taking the JLPT N2 exam, which I passed! Throughout the exam preparation, my teacher provided constant support.

Currently, I don’t have the chance to use Japanese in my job, but I aspire to transition to a position where I can use Japanese in the near future. Learning Japanese one-on-one at my own pace was more beneficial than studying in large classes during university, given the complexity of the language.




そして、JLPT N2に合格しました!試験の準備中も先生がサポートしてくれました。




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I’ve been learning Japanese for quite a while now. Despite the hurdles, I refused to give up on my dream of working in Japan and decided to pursue employment opportunities there. A few years back, I passed JLPT N2, making everyday conversation feel like it wasn’t a problem. But when it came to using Japanese in a professional setup, I decided to take online lessons.

During these lessons, I focused on mastering keigo and preparing for job interviews. Learning keigo presented a challenge akin to restarting the learning process for a new language, but thanks to the support of my teacher, I’ve been working in Japan since September. Although English is widely used within the multinational company I work for, the presence of Japanese colleagues and clients requires me to use Japanese in daily communication. While I might encounter expressions or words I don’t fully understand during meetings, achieving the milestone of working in this environment brings me joy and serves as motivation for future learning.

Before coming to Japan, I worked in Singapore, where there were numerous Japanese language schools. However, what set Enuncia’s online lessons apart was the ability to focus on exactly what I needed to learn. Having a tutor with knowledge about job hunting and career transitions also allowed me to receive valuable advice and engage in role-playing for interviews, ultimately leading to successful outcomes, for which I am sincerely grateful.



数年前、私はJLPT N2に合格し、日常会話は問題ないと思います。しかし、日本でいい仕事を見つけるために、オンラインレッスンを受けることにしました。







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I’ve always had a love for Japan, often traveling there several times a year, and started learning the language on my own. Being a Chinese speaker with a grasp of kanji, I managed to reach N5 level through self-study. However, I found myself struggling to make progress in grammar and conversation, prompting me to start taking lessons.

Upon actually taking lessons, I realised that despite my knowledge gained from reading textbooks and observing content on social media, there were many foundational aspects missing, making my self-study incomplete. The online lessons, where it’s just me and my teacher, have been great because I can immediately ask questions about things I don’t understand.

Moreover, having the ability to message the teacher during self-study times outside of lessons has been helpful. It’s not just about using textbooks during lessons; we decode the meaning of lyrics from Japanese songs I like, watch Japanese cooking videos on YouTube together, and learn through topics that interest me. Learning things I’m passionate about makes the process much more enjoyable.

Currently, I’m studying for the N3 exam. I’m delighted to have found a hobby that I can sustain for a long time and looking forward to continuing it!