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Effective Japanese by an Announcement Expert

  • Former International Ground Staff at a Japanese airline
  • Hosted events at prestigious hotels
  • Specializes in ‘Effective Japanese’ focused on the ‘sound’ of the language
  • Special lessons packed with ‘what learners wish for’ from a learner’s perspective
  • Qualified Child Japanese Teacher
  • Able to conduct lessons in English and basic Korean
  • Offers coaching tailored to each learner

  • Experience in exchange study at a Canadian university (studied linguistics and communication)
  • Former International Ground Staff at a Japanese airline (with experience in airport announcements)
  • Experience in information and corporate reception (an expert in customer service and guidance)
  • Enjoys learning languages (English, Korean, Chinese)
  • Holds Practical English Proficiency Level 2, TOPIK Level 2, Hangul Proficiency Test Level 4, and Chinese Proficiency Test Level 3
  • Hobbies: Traveling, international exchange, yoga, K-pop, singing, language learning
  • Goals: Practical English Proficiency Level 1, TOPIK Level 4


If you're aiming for Practical Communicative Japanese or Japanese education for children, my lessons are recommended!

[Oral Reading]

  • Communicative Japanese
  • Learning Japanese through oral reading


[Service & Business Japanese]

  • Hospitality-oriented customer service Japanese, business Japanese, and etiquette


[Free Talk]

  • Practical and natural Japanese


[Japanese for Travel]

  • Survival Japanese for enjoying a trip to Japan


[Children's Japanese]

  • Enjoyable Japanese with original teaching materials

[Oral Reading]

  • Communicative Japanese
  • Learning Japanese through Oral Reading
  • Confirmation of content through Q&A


  • Strengthen listening and speaking skills by learning from pronunciation and intonation through repeated speaking and listening to one's own spoken Japanese.
  • Develop comprehensive skills by understanding content through Q&A, enhancing speaking, listening, and reading abilities simultaneously.
  • Build a solid foundation for JLPT preparation through overall improvement.


[Free Talk]

  • Practical and Natural Japanese
  • For those who have increased their knowledge (vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing) but lack speaking opportunities and struggle with speaking skills
  • You can learn Kansai dialect as well


  • Overcome the fear of making mistakes and become accustomed to speaking by outputting learned knowledge in large quantities.
  • Learn natural Japanese expressions and phrases.
  • Develop the power of clear "communicative Japanese" through continuous pronunciation and intonation advice.


[Japanese for Travel]

  • Survival Japanese for Enjoying a Trip to Japan
  • Frequently Used Words & Phrases
  • Role-playing activities for various situations
  • Enjoyable Japanese with differences in pronunciation, including brand names (comparisons in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean)


  • Strengthen frequently used vocabulary for surviving a trip to Japan.
  • Memorize one-word phrases incorporating simple grammar to realize a trip where connections with people can be cherished through Japanese.
  • Enjoy and learn practical activities with role-playing in various situations.


[Children's Japanese]

  • Enjoyable Japanese with Original Teaching Materials
  • Balanced instruction of "listening, speaking, reading, writing"
  • Support for JLPT N5 (for ages 12-15)
    • Strengthen "reading comprehension" in the reading section
    • Regular learning assessment
    • Goals for children aiming to study in Japan
  • Learning support and consultation/advice outside of lessons
  • Lesson feedback with meticulous feedback after setting a specific time post-lesson
  • Curriculum tailored to the child's level and Japanese environment


  • Collaborate closely with parents, providing assistance towards the goal while adapting the curriculum to the child's level and objectives.
  • Conduct enjoyable original lessons tailored to the child's level and objectives to increase the child's Japanese learning continuity and future options.

<What can you get from my lessons?>

[Oral Reading]

  • Communicative Japanese
  • Learning Japanese through Oral Reading


[Service & Business Japanese]

  • Hospitality-oriented customer service Japanese & Business Japanese with etiquette


[Free Talk]

  • Lessons aiming for practical and natural conversation realization


[Japanese for Travel]

  • Survival Japanese for Enjoying a Trip to Japan


[Children's Japanese]

  • Enjoyable Japanese with Original Teaching Materials
  • Support for JLPT N5 (for ages 12-15)


Each course purchase includes the following:

  • Lesson curriculum tailored to each individual
  • Homework (optional)
  • Oral reading voice correction (with feedback)
  • Language learning coaching support via LINE (Consultation & advice on effective learning methods and motivation maintenance tailored to specific goals)
  • Feedback support & consultation for parents [for Children's Japanese lessons] (Various advice possible, such as child psychology, boosting self-esteem, and approaches to children in the process of acquiring multiple languages)


<Message from Yuko>

I would love to help with your Japanese study.

This is because I know the pleasure of learning languages !

Through my learning experience of English, Mandarin Chinese and Korean, I could make my dreams come true!

For example, going abroad as an exchange student,

or becoming a member of the overseas business department in a Japanese company, as I am now.

Learning Japanese sometimes will be hard, and you may become discouraged,

but it definitely brings you great pleasure and broadens your horizons, if you don’t give up and keep learning!

Let’s talk about the contents of the course in the trial lesson and make a decision to set our goals.

Looking forward to seeing you in my lesson!

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To start your journey at Enuncia:

  • First, take a trial lesson (25 minutes) with the tutor you are interested in.
  • During the trial lesson, the teacher will introduce themselves, ask about the student's current situation and desired lesson content.
  • We will then plan the lesson and show you the materials to be used.
  • If you have any questions about the lesson, please do not hesitate to ask during the trial lesson.


Before you make a purchase


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  • Lessons can be booked up to 21 days in advance and several classes can be booked at once.
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  • Lessons can be booked up to 24 hours in advance.


About Lessons

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  • You can book up to one trial lesson per tutor.
  • The duration of a regular lesson is 50 minutes.
  • If you purchase more than 5 lessons, you will receive a discount.
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    Access the Zoom URL when the lesson is due to start.
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    Lessons held within 12 hours cannot be canceled or refunded.
  • Please note that there is an expiry date for each course.
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 Refund policy

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  • If students do not show up within 15 minutes after the start of the class,
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Trial Lesson

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Enjoying classes with Yuko sensei!!

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Yuko Sensei is always very cheerful and her lessons are a lot of fun😊

She herself is a learning languages, so even if I don’t understand or feel like I’m not making much progress while learning Japanese, she always help me through it. She truley is a great motivator who will always give you positive support!



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