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My passion is to support people who like Japan!


    ・2 years of teaching experience 
    ・Fun lessons with an emphasis on speaking skills
    ・Expert in visa and labour laws
    ・Representative of an international language exchange
     group with 3,000 participants
    ・I love anime!

  • I am good at explaining difficult words and expressions simply!
  • I lived in the Philippines for 2 years
  • I am familiar with visa and labour law matters
  • I am popular with children!
  • I speak English too!


My lessons are recommended for:

  • Those who are studying Japanese by themselves
  • Those who want to work using Japanese
  • Those who are interested in anime and Japanese culture
  • Those who don't like lessons based on textbooks
  • Those who want their children to study Japanese


<Topic Conversation>

Practice speaking Japanese using new vocabulary to suit various situations / topics


<Learning Japanese through Anime>

Let me know in advance what anime you like!

Let's learn from the words and lines used in anime!


<Daily conversation>

Learn useful conversations for everyday life and how to express your feelings!


<Japanese for children>

I use a variety of topics and quizzes, and make these lessons fun for kids!

  • There is always a laugh in my class!
  • I will teach you Japanese that you can use immediately after the class
  • Classes are tailored to your interests and hobbies


<Message from Shinji>

In my lessons, I will teach you as a friend, not as a student!
By doing so, I think you will be able to ask me things
that are normally a little difficult to question or to explain well!

If you found it difficult to study Japanese in the past,
or if you have never felt that it is fun,
I'll do my best to support you!

Please take a trial lesson with me!


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Trial Lesson

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Recent Reviews

Great classes to improve conversational skill!

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Shinji san’s classes are as easy to take as talking to a friend!

We had lots of quizzes during the lesson and I had a lot of fun learning. The material is easy to understand and I highly recommend his lesson!

The conversation practice were very useful for me. ありがとうございます!



Rated 5.0 out of 5
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