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Let’s work together to find a job in a Japanese company! 


I used to work as a consultant in a recruitment agency,

helping people to find jobs in Japanese companies.


I have helped more than 3,000 people change jobs.

I will help you find a job in a Japanese company in the shortest possible time!

  • Native Japanese speaker
  • 8 years experience as salesperson in major Japanese company
  • 3 years experience as career consultant in Japan
  • Supported more than 3000 people to get job in Japan
  • Build speaking fluency and confidence
  • Strength in Japanese business knowledge

<Business Japanese Training>

Text book:
Nihongo de hataraku!
Business Japanese 30 hours

I provide specific advice based on Japanese business scenarios,
including Japanese business culture.

  • Polish your formal Japanese
  • Basics of business calls (when receiving and making calls)
  • Basics of how to write a business email (internal/external)
  • Manners for managing complaints and giving apologies
  • How to interact with Japanese companies
  • Proofreading, practicing and upgrading your presentations
  • Role plays are available for all contents


<Job Hunting Coaching>

Preparation for job seeking → Finding jobs → Applications → Interviews → Offers → Join company! 

  • Resume writing and revision
  • Interview role playing
  • Preparing reasons for changing jobs or finding jobs in Japan/reasons for applying
  • How to introduce yourself
  • How to answer questions from interviewers
  • Pronunciation


**To join my class, conversational Japanese is required.
All classes are conducted in Japanese. (English support can be provided if needed)

To start off your journey…


Please contact me directly if any questions.

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