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Expert in interview preparation and business Japanese


・300 students worldwide

・Conducted 5000+ lessons

・Native Japanese (Japanese – English bilingual)

・Former career consultant / VIP interpreter

・Employment support and business Japanese


・Native Japanese speaker (bilingual in English and Japanese)

・International experience in Japanese and foreign-affiliated companies

・Former career consultant / VIP translator

・Specialised in business Japanese and business etiquette

・Provides support for those finding a job and studying in Japan


If you study Japanese for one of these categories I’m your perfect teacher!!

◆For those who are seeking employment using Japanese◆

・Aiming to pass interviews ・Aiming to work in Japan

・Aiming to work for a local Japanese company

・Using Japanese with business partners


◆For those who want to learn Business Japanese◆

Learn how to use Japanese and keigo (honorific expressions) in business situations!

・Phrases used in business situations

・Practical expressions and pronunciation

・Japanese business culture

・Japanese business etiquette


◆Qualification Exams◆

I provide full support for you to pass these examinations!


<Business Japanese>

・Practical expressions in business situations

・How to use Keigo (polite language)

・How to write business emails

・Telephone communication/presentation skills

・Japanese business etiquette 

<Qualification tests (JLPT, BJT, EJU , MEXT)>




・Past papers

・Tips for passing the exams

<Employment support and Interview Preparation>

・Resume/CV preparation

・Job search in Japan

・How to apply for jobs

・Advice from a former headhunter

・How to answer interview questions


・Japanese business etiquette

What's special about Teacher Hana's lessons??

・Interview preparation by a former career consultant to help you get job offers

・Business Japanese and Japanese business etiquette

・A wide range of lessons from beginner to business level

・Japanese as a language, but also culture, history, society, the latest news, etc.

・The purchase of each course includes  

- Personalised online learning materials  

- Homework (if desired)  

- Learning support on line


To start off your Japanese study


・Get to know each other and determine your level  

・Understand your goals and your learning requirements


Please contact me directly if you have any questions.

I look forward to meeting you‼︎️☺︎

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Recent reviews

Enjoying the class

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Sensei Hana is very nice and easy to talk to, she can explain in English which is a plus. I also get notes after each class which is very helpful. I would recommend sensei Hana to anyone who wants to learn Japanese.


Recommend for any level!

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Hana is a great teacher! Very personal approach and easygoing. English is Hana’s second native language, so she is able to explain also more complex topics to beginners perfectly. Neatly prepared sheets after each class. I also get to write my homework. Highly recommended!



Rated 5.0 out of 5

Hana’s lessons are well-structured and easy to follow. She is very patient and organised for each class. Because she is fluent in English it makes it much easier to understand some of the finer parts of Japanese grammar – this is the point I find most useful. Thanks for the lessons so far!



Rated 5.0 out of 5
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