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what is special

Japanese Courses

LP Corses 1 (E)

JLPT prep course

N5 – N1 level

Grammar / Vocabulary

Tips for passing exams

LP Corses 2 (E)

Lessons tailored to your needs

Various learning materials

Grammar / Vocabulary

Focus on what YOU want to learn

LP Corses 3 (E)

Phrases used in travel

Simple conversation

Japanese etiquette

Tips for traveling to Japan

LP Corses 4 (E)

Japanese etiquette and culture

Rules and knowledge for everyday life

Bank, shopping, postal services, etc

Japanese in emergency cases

LP Corses 5 (E)

Fun lessons with original materials

Tailored to each children’s needs

Be able to communicate fully

Close support from professional tutors

LP Corses 6 (E)

Business Japanese and Keigo

Expression in business situations

E-mail / phone call / presentation

Japanese business etiquette

LP Corses 7 (E)

Write Japanese CV

Interview Preparations

Tips from headhunters

Japanese business etiquette

LP Corses 8 (E)

Academic papers

Conference presentations

Study abroad and scholarships

Translation and interpretation

How does it work?

LP how-to 1 (E)

Find the best tutor for you by either:

1. Sending an application form


2. Booking a trial directly

LP how-to 2 (E)

Tell the tutor what kind of lessons you want at the trial, and have them create a course JUST FOR YOU!

*You can take 1 trial per tutor

LP how-to 3 (E)

Once you have decided which tutor you would like to take lessons with, buy a package and make a booking!

*Buy a package and get a discount!

LP how-to 4 (E)

Learn Japanese efficiently and effectively with the best tutor and your own learning programme!

We’re here to support you!

We will find the best teacher exclusively for you!

What is the cost?

What will Enuncia enable you to do?

LP what-can 1 (E)

Learn efficiently and pass in the shortest possible time!

LP what-can 2 (E)

Enjoy your hobby to the fullest without subtitles or support!

LP what-can 3 (E)

Travelling will become more fun and special if you understand Japanese!

LP what-can 6 (E)

Make friends with those who share your interests and hobbies!

LP what-can 7 (E)

Use the Japanese you learned with Enuncia for your business or career.

LP what-can 4 (E)

Get a job in Japan or in a Japanese company for a better career path!

LP what-can 5 (E)

Build confidence with quality 1-on-1 lessons customised JUST FOR YOU!

LP what-can 8 (E)

Get access to better education with support from Enuncia!

Student Reviews

Flexible and Sucsessful!

Rated 5.0 out of 5

As a busy professional, the flexibility offered by the Enuncia was a game-changer. I could schedule lessons at my convenience, and the tutor made it easy to access notes of previous sessions, review materials, and practice exercises. Highly recommended!


Highly beneficial classes

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Thanks to the amazing teacher Hana, I met at Enuncia, I was able to learn Japanese grammar and pronunciation accurately. I had difficulties especially with grammars when self-studying, but with the support I got at Enuncia, I was able to pass JLPT N3 and feel a great sense of achievement. Thank you!!


Best Japanese language learning platform.

Rated 5.0 out of 5

I had tried various Japanese learning platforms before, but Enuncia stood out for its simple, intuitive design and user-friendly features.

Highly recommended to those who haven’t find the perfect platform to learn Japanese! My tutor is very helpful and always very well organised for the classes. I am glad that I was able to find Enuncia.


Highly Recommended!

Rated 5.0 out of 5

What impressed me the most about the online lesson at Enuncia was the personalized feedback I received from my tutor. As the lessons are one-to-one and customised just for me, I was able to receive detailed explanation and advice from the tutor, which greatly enhanced my learning experience.




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